Lessons In Leadership

Welcome to the Lessons in Leadership distinguished speaker series.  You recognize that leadership has never been more important in our daily lives.  With constantly advancing technologies, your world has gotten smaller.  Your challenges more diverse.  Leadership needs a makeover. 

Lessons in Leadership, intends to connect local business leaders with today’s problem solvers, authors, university scholars and global provocateurs. How…. Doing so by providing a dynamic platform for Leadership development.  Leveraging the power of today’s technology and the discussion of organizational, economic, social and geo-political issues. 

We promise to focus on the issues that affect you, your organization, your family and friends.  Providing access to extraordinary knowledge and experience that you would not otherwise be able to participate in or readily acquire.

Lessons in Leadership will close a major gap in the world of leadership education unfulfilled in today’s business and media universe.  Lessons in Leadership represent a merger of leading Universities, market influencers and personalities that challenge our accepted view of the world we live in. 


“Jerry and Rich are true professionals. They both have demonstrated high character and high competence. They understand the dynamics of a successful event, and aren’t afraid to work. As a partner, I found them to be execellent communicators, who’s approach is characterized by transparency and a commitment to mutal benefit. To put it simply, I trust them, and you can too.”

Stephen M.R. Covey is a cofounder of CoveyLink and the FranklinCovey Global Speed of Trust Practice. He is the New Yourk Time and number on Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Speed of Trust.