your world is ever-changing-What Can we do To Help? 

Relevancy... Every semester you are  put to the test.  By students, donors, faculty, recruiters.  The status quo is not an option.   How do you remain relvant in technology driven hyper social environment?  Lessons in Leadership provides the resources and execution required to exceed stakeholder expectations.  

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve that objective! 

Lessons in Leadership (LIL) has a collective industry experience in excess of thirty years and we understand the importance of each and every event. We are focused on providing accomplished relevant experts across a range of business categories and within a specific budget to professional business audiences. 

The principals of LIL offer a breadth of business experiences across industries and positions including corporate Presidents and CEOs, and have founded companies across several markets and industries. Those professional experiences preceded entering the speaker, consultant and trainer world, and the experiences provide a unique foundation for working with corporations, organizations, meeting planners, and event facilitators to address specific needs and achieve defined objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to be your business partner, and source of new financial resources.  

β€œThe Lessons in Leadership Program executed on our campus by the Lessons in Leadership team was a well-executed, very professional day long program. The program featured two very high-profile international speakers, and authors...Stephen M.R. Covey and John Childress. The audience receptivity was very positive and shined a very beneficial light onto Seattle Pacific University.”

Dean Ross Stewart - School of Business, Government, &Economics