William eastman

William Eastman is a Managing Partner of Intellectual Property at the GrowthWorx - a small business research and product development company headquartered in Richmond Virginia with offices in Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Calgary.

Based upon William's 38 years in the consulting and training industry, he has assembled a library of best practices for fast growth and organizational excellence. Over the last 15 years the gWORX team has applied the Library to help start-ups achieve market domination – join the 5% of best run small businesses. A few of their research partnerships included the US Small Business Administration, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Kauffman Foundation. The Team at gWORX combined the original MIT Studies on Small Business Job Creation with research by Kauffman on High Impact Firms to create the proprietary 5.15.80 Model of Business Performance.

GrowthWorx’s Intellectual Property is used by several consulting firms and licensing is part of their continuous improvement process - research to application. Bill also serves as a "virtual" executive with several companies and channel partners to create an industry defining offer.

Bill was a US Coast Guard Officer and the Chief of its Leadership and Management School. He has worked with some of the most significant thought leaders in Management and Organizational Development like Paul Hershey, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, David McClelland, Chris Arygris, Warner Burke, and Marshall Goldsmith.  A native of Long Island New York and Cocoa Beach Florida, Bill now lives in Richmond Virginia.


He formed and operated a consulting firm, Applied Innovations, with two partners offering performance management design services. During this period his client list included SeaLand, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, IBM, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, BellSouth, and AOL. 1998 Bill joined the Ken Blanchard Companies and founded Blanchard Solutions – their first consulting operation. They offered comprehensive consulting services across all disciplines with clients like General Motors, Kmart, Delphi Automotive, Signature Flight Services, and Ritz Carlton. Bill left Blanchard in 2001 to join a new internet start-up, TrainingScape, offering online training services to small and mid sized businesses. His tenure at TrainingScape provided an opportunity to test his ideas about delivering professional services to small and mid-sized companies and was the genesis of his next start up.

In 2002, Bill created Applied KnowledgeLABS to explore the developing area of Business Intelligence. Their attributes of growth provided the soft metrics which forms the engine of any successful BI Platform. The AKLabs business model is based on an open source approach to testing and enhancing its database. In 2009 Bill brought this expertise to RockBridge Solutions and managed user-testing of business intelligence applications and the development of assessment and training products to support business intelligence solutions.

In 2015 AKLabs changed its name to GrowthWorx to describe its relationship with clients.

Bill in his own words

“Life only makes sense in retrospect; a life, a career can only be lived in real-time and therefore nothing is inevitable.”

“I enjoyed a gypsy existence for the first two decades of my life living with a father that was an entrepreneur and self-made engineer. He viewed life as something to be experienced and would not suffer bad jobs or bosses. My sisters and I didn't always enjoy the experience but it provided an excellent opportunity to develop the observational skills essential to my success.”                                        

“After studying engineering, I joined the United States Coast Guard as a Marine Scientist and Meteorologist working my way through the organization to my last assignment – Chief of the Leadership and Management School. During this period I attended Graduate School and learned the business from the top names in the Organizational Development profession.”

“Since leaving the service, my path has been serial entrepreneurship creating 5 companies with the common mixture of success – 2 successful, 2 unsuccessful, and 1 work in progress. This experience formed the basic question of the last two decades – why do some businesses succeed while others fail?”

“My company in its current form - GrowthWorx is the answer to the question.”

The genesis of this business model started in the capital city of Accra Ghana 27 years ago. While contracted to support UN economic development projects in West Africa, I realized I had more in common with the entrepreneurs / small business owners in the Accelerator Programme than my own family. My other revelation was small businesses were the  most important element of any economy. I spent the entire decade of the 1990's researching entrepreneurial capitalism and developing application tools that help entrepreneurs / business owners achieve fast and sustainable growth.

“I approach my role - Managing Partner for Intellectual Property as a Business Scientist and Entrepreneurial Capitalist.”

“I discovered in Graduate School the soft sciences responded to the laws of nature just like ocean physics or weather systems. Nothing in nature is superfluous, there is a reason for everything and nature always seeks the most efficient solution.”

“Business is no exception.”

“I view all organisms and organizations as systems where impact in one area affects many others. The objective is to identify the greatest point of leverage – the “1 Thing” that provides the greatest impact.”

“Making the needed improvements and tracking progress are the natural next steps to delivering results. It starts with Focusing on the Leverage Point.”

“The mission of GrowthWorx is to bring business science and entrepreneurial capitalism together and change the math of business success.”

“What I bring to all of our client relationships is a blend of scientist and practitioner. The combination of being a student of business success and living the challenges of managing implementation.”

“My experiences starting and growing company's drove the need to become an economist. Since the 1980's a new body of research was developed to understand small businesses place in the economy and the dynamics of success and failure. Small businesses (under $50m in Revenue, under 500 employees) create over 90% of all new jobs and yet are neglected in economic policy.”

“Besides BS and MS degrees in Organizational Behavior & Development, I have over 30 oceanographic missions leading and managing teams of scientists and technical experts.”

“My consulting experience extends from the Fortune 500 to small business and ranges from  Senior Vice President running Human Resources to VP of Manufacturing installing Lean.”